Endangered Wild Animal Subscriptions

Introduce your child to exotic animals, world geography, and species conservation with these environmentally engaging gifts!


Each educational gift teaches a child about compassion, empathy, and respect for themselves, friends, family, and other living creatures. The child will discover a new animal each month, engage in species saving projects, while virtually traveling the world.

Travel to Western Africa to meet the Timneh African Grey Parrot, the coast of  Brazil to encounter the Daggernose Shark (it is estimated there are only about 250 left alive), and the mountains of Nepal to meet the Red Panda, and many other amazing animals.

Here's what your child will receive:

  • A personal letter from their tour guides Abby & C S 
  • A travel itinerary showing them where we are traveling to and introducing the animal they'll meet
  • A map to see where the animal lives in the wild
  • A passport with room for 6 animal/travel stickers
  • A field Guide filled with fascinating facts about the animal
  • A journal and pencil to record their adventures
  • A D.I.Y. conservation project to help save the species
  • And other fun surprises like coloring pages, postcards, activities and more!

Plus exclusive access to:

  • Watch Videos that travel behind the scenes to meet the animals, hear their stories, and discover fun facts about their lives.
  • Listen to Interviews with with leading conservationist, field biologists, zoo keepers, and animal experts.
  • All password protected and parent approved!



6 Months: $18.95 per month + shipping

(One time payment of $113.70)


$17.95 per month + shipping

(One time payment of $215.40)


$19.95 per month + shipping

(Monthly payments of $19.95)

Activity kits delivered to your mailbox each month.

Your child will have fun opening a package that's personally addressed to them. Plus, as a special treat to bring each animal to life, they'll receive access to online companion videos. 

Endangered Wild Animals You'll Meet and the Places You'll Travel:

  • Giraffe
  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  • Sumatran Orangutan
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Asian Elephant
  • And many more!


My team and I look forward to hearing from you. Simply email us at: Explore@PassportToTheAnimalWorld.com

C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl®