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Animal Friends & Passport

Invite an animal friend to share your child's home. Each cuddly animal comes with his own passport to learn fascinating fact about him/her and where they live in the world.


Printed Coloring Book - Endangered Farm Animals

Meet 18 endangered farm animals like the Mulefoot Hog, Nankin Chicken, Newfoundland Pony, Navajo Churro Sheep, and many more!

Coloring Book - Endangered Exotic Wild Animals

Meet 18 rare and exotic wild animals from around the world. Like the Daggernose Shark, African Painted Dog, and many others!

2 Piece Coloring Book Gift Set

Meet 18 endangered farm animals and 18 exciting and endanger wild animals.


As part of our commitment to giving back, we donate $1.00 for the sale of each coloring book to wildlife conservation projects happening around the world!

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