2-Piece Coloring Book Gift Set

Printed Coloring Books for Kids of All Ages!

2 Piece Gift Set - Your child can enjoy both coloring books

Meet 18 exciting, exotic, and endangered wild animals, plus 18 Endangered Farm Animals! 

Introducing a fun, interactive coloring book for kids of all ages. In it, you’ll be introduced to 36 exciting and exotic animals that share our world. Discover fascinating facts about the Daggernose Shark, Asian Elephant, Sea Turtle, African Painted Dog, and many more. Also, check out the map and learn where they live in the world, along with their conservation status.

Only $24.95 (Note: This book is printed on top quality paper) Plus we donate $1.00 from the sale of each coloring book back to wildlife conservation projects happening around the world.


A Sample Coloring Page:

A Sample Fascinating Facts Page:


As part of our commitment to giving back, we are donating $1.00 from the sale of each coloring book to wildlife conservation projects happening around the world.

For complete details visit TheGreenUpGirl.com/giving-back

Each coloring book is only $12.95. Or give a few as gifts. A  4-pack is only $48.00. (Shipped to the same address). We truly hope you'll enjoy coloring and exploring the many wild and wonderful species that share our world.

PS. These coloring books are great gift idea for everyone you know that loves animals.

Endangered Farm Animals you'll meet in these Coloring Books:

  • Chicken - Crevecoeur
  • Duck - Dutch Hookbill
  • Geese - Cotton Patch
  • Turkey - Black
  • Cattle - Dutch Belted
  • Cattle - Texas Longhorn
  • Sheep - Navajo Churro
  • Sheep - Gulf Coast
  • Goat - San Clemente
  • Goat Spanish
  • Pig - Mulefoot
  • Pig - Gloucestershire Old Spots
  • Rabbit - American
  • Rabbit - Blanc de Hotot
  • Horse - Spanish Choctaw
  • Horse - Newfoundland Pony
  • Donkey - American Mammoth Jackstock
  • Chicken - Nankin

Endangered Wild Animals you'll meet in these Coloring Books:

  • Giraffe - Central, Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Asian Elephant - Southeast Asia
  • African penguin - South Africa Waters
  • Honey Bee - Worldwide
  • Sumatran Orangutan - Borneo and Northern Sumatra Islands
  • Sea Turtle - Oceans around the world
  • Daggernose Shark - Coast of Brazil
  • Monarch Butterfly - North America, South America, Australia 
  • African Painted Dog - The Savannna
  • Black Panther - Asia and Africa
  • Timneh African Grey Parrot - Western Africa
  • Black Rhino - Southeast Africa
  • Cheetah - Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Grevy Zebra - Ethiopia and Northern Kenya
  • Dolphin - Seas around the world
  • Western Lowland Gorilla - Central Africa
  • Polar Bear - Arctic Circle, Greenland, Russia, and Norway
  • Red Panda - Mountains of Nepal, Central China, and Northern Myanmar


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