Subscription Plans

Environmentally engaging gifts that introduce your child to exotic animals, world geography, and species conservation!

Each month your child will travel on Animal Adventures with Abby and C S to meet endangered wild and farm animals, discover where they live, meet people involved in saving them from extinction, and engage in species saving projects. 
This educational gift teaches children ages 6-10 about compassion, empathy, and respect for themselves, friends, family, and the living creatures. 

How it Works:

STEP 1: Choose The Subscription Plan Your Child Will Enjoy!

Discover fascinating farm animals on the verge of extinction. Meet the Blanc de Hotot Rabbit, Nankin Chicken, and many others.

Meet rare and exotic wild animals from around the world. Like the African Penguin from Southern Africa and many others.

Enjoy coloring a new collection of endangered farm and wild animals each month. Bring them to life with your imagination.

STEP 2: Check Your Mailbox

Enjoy new adventure-packed activities each month.

STEP 3: Cheer, Explore, and Enjoy

Discover the amazing animals that share our world.



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